2021 Symposium Presentations

Track Inspection Advancements and Applications  | Available 19 May 2021
Concrete Crosstie Design and Performance  | Available 26 May 2021
Resilient Materials and Crosstie Support  | Available 2 June 2021
Composite and Interspersed Crossties  | Available 9 June 2021
Fastening System Design and Performance  | Available 16 June 2021

Track Inspection Advancements and Applications
19 May 2021

Next Generation Imaging Techniques for Crosstie Inspection
Antonio Mauricio & Jeb Belcher – Loram Technologies, Inc.

Use of Laser Triangulation and Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) for Railway Track Safety Inspections
Richard Fox-Ivey – Railmetrics
Ryan Harrington – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Holland Track Testing Fastening System Inspection and the Role of GRMS in Geometry Analysis
Russ Newburg & Sabri Cakdi – Holland

Intelligent Railroad Track Components Inspection
Yu Qian & Feng Guo – University of South Carolina

Advancing GRMS Technology by Assessing Emerging Failures
Hugh Thompson – Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)
Ted Sussmann – Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
Radim Bruzek – Ensco

Concrete Crosstie Design and Performance
26 May 2021

Presentation Title TBD
Bob Peterman – Kansas State University
Steve Mattson – voestalpine Nortrak

Adaptive Prestressing System for Concrete Crossties using Shape Memory Alloys
Minsoo Sung & Bassem Andrawes – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The Effect of Water Flow in Cracks of Pretensioned Concrete Beams under Cyclic Loading
Josué Bastos – Techinicontrol

Implementing DIC Technologies in Performance Assessment and Quality Control of Concrete Ties
Dimitris Rizos – University of South Carolina

Development of an ASTM Standard for Measurement of Key Indented Reinforcement Characteristics
Terry Beck – Kansas State University

Resilient Materials and Crosstie Support
2 June 2021

BNSF Experience with Resilient Materials and Track Support
Erik Frohberg – BNSF Railway
Arthur Lima – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Track Geometry Errors Caused by Convex Turnout Crossties
Riku Varis & Tommi Rantala- Tampere University

Effects of Mixed Traffic Patterns and Ballast Support Conditions on Track Performance Investigated through Discrete Element Modeling
Erol Tutumluer, Zhongyi Liu & Bin Feng – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

The Use of Under Sleeper Pads and Under Ballast Mat to Improve the Performance of Railway Transition Zones
Melina Clara Scasserra, Carlos Aprile, Pablo Cocordano, Pablo Tanaro & Nicolas Beradi  – Trenes Argentinos Infraestructura

Development and Use of Tests on Under Tie Pads in Regards to the European Standard
Veronika Kollmeier – Technical University of Munich

Quantifying Support Conditions underneath Railroad Ties using the Differential Shear Strain Approach
Deb Mishra – Oklahoma State University

Quantification of the Effect of Train Type on Concrete Sleeper Ballast Pressure using a Support Condition Back-Calculator
Riley Edwards – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Composite and Interspersed Crossties
9 June 2021

Nonlinear Structural Analysis of Recycled Polymer Composite Crossties under Flexural and In-situ Loading Applications using Finite Element Analysis
David Jack & Daniel Pulipati – Baylor University

Evaluation of Use Concrete, Steel and Composite Crossties Interspersed with Wooden Crossties in a Brazilian General Freight Corridor
Patrick Macedo – VLI

A New Track Homologation Methodolgy – Polymeric Crossties Approach
Aldo Machado & R. Vargas – Braskem
A. Merheb – MRS Logística S/A

Field Assessment of Engineered Interspersed Concrete Crossties in Commuter Rail Ballasted Track
Jaiek Lee & Arthur Lima – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Presentation Title TBD
Rachel Beck – Union Pacific Railroad

Fastening System Design and Performance
16 June 2021

Effect of Fastening System Components on Spike Load Transfer
Christian Khachaturian & Marcus Dersch – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Investigation of Rail Load Distribution: from Wheel Load to Spike Load
Shushu Liu – Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Automated Broken Spike Detection Using Ultrasonic Testing
Yin Gao & Anish Poudel – Association of American Railroads
Cameron Stuart – Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

Test and Verification Methods of Rail Fastening Systems Applied in Japan
Tadashi Deshmimaru – Railway Technical Research Institute

Direct Fixation Track Fastening System Design – Field Loading Demands and Behavior, and Anchorage Structural Capacity
Arthur Lima – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Direct Fixation Track: History and Development
Sheen Fong – LB Foster
Matt Gibbs – Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)